5 thoughts on “Bully stoppers

  1. Hi Erold, Nathan and Liam R,
    That was great, I loved it. It was really effective, you almost made me cry :'(
    Keep it up,
    From Harry

  2. Dear Nathan, Erold and Liam,
    I liked how you shared the script between the three of you. You spoke really well and the voices were loud and clear.
    Well done,
    From Jared

  3. Hi Nathan, Erold and Liam R,
    Good job with the awesome Bully Stoppers advertisement, I really enjoyed it. The music worked well with what you said.
    From Jarrod

  4. Dear Erold, Nathan and Liam,
    I really liked how you had background music. I found your message powerful and strong. I think you constructed it very well. It was also cool how you swapped from person to person. 
    From Josh  

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